Marcos Lutyens is an acclaimed international artist who has shared his work at venues such as the Guggenheim Museum NY, Culture Summit Abu Dhabi, Venice Biennial, the Royal Academy and the Pompidou Center. He is inspired by the work of filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky who combines his filmmaking talents with ‘psychomagic’ sessions that bring healing to individuals and the community. Marcos sees art as a healing process that stimulates the imagination to heighten human potential while releasing trauma and bases his therapeutic approach on the ‘four quadrants’ cosmology that he has developed as a way to integrate the self into the world around us.
Marcos Lutyens has worked through hypnosis with over 10,000 people over the last 25 years in over 15 different countries. He is a fully certified hypnotherapist through the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

These unique hypnotherapy sessions are a commitment he has to the process of art as healing.